At 70 years old, Annie Davidson, widow and mother of 10, helped build Calgary’s first public library.

Mrs. Davidson and the Calgary Women’s Literary Club were the first champions of the Library cause in Calgary. They successfully secured community support for Alberta's first public library and obtained the financial donation from the Carnegie Foundation.

The Library has been transforming and inspiring lives ever since. We honour her dream with the Annie Davidson Founders Society and are deeply grateful to the individuals and families in the Society for their generous annual gifts of $500 or more.

Your Invitation

More than a century ago, Annie Davidson and founding members of the Calgary Women’s Literary Club stirred our city to action and secured the public and financial support to build the first library. They saw the Library cause as an investment for their families and the generations of Calgarians that would follow.

100 years later, it is our priviledge to ask you to stand with us in support of our Library. In a busy world, today’s library is the community’s living room, where children are nurtured to learn to read, newcomers to Canada are welcomed, and the direction of a life can be positively changed through the services and support provided by Library staff. Your donation canand willmake a difference in helping to build our library and community.

If you have further questions or would like to become a part of the Society, please contact Barbara Burggraf at 403-221-2077 or

Annie Davidson Founder Society Donor Membership Levels

Founder - $500-$1,000 annually ($42-$84 a month)

  • Gift Certificate for one year free membership
  • Custom YOURcard personalized library card
  • 24k Gold Plate Memorial Park Library Bookmark
  • Early access invitation to signature Library & Library Foundation Events

Trailblazer - $1,000-$2,500 ($84-$210 a month)

All of the Founder Benefits plus

Vanguard - $2,500-$5,000 ($210-$420 a month)

All of the Trailblazer Benefits plus

Change Agent - $5,000+ ($420 + a month)

All of the Vanguard Benefits plus

  • Opportunity to participate in enriching donor events

Photo of Annie Davidson generously provided by Donald A. Davidson