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"My List" Migration to New Website

Our new website and catalogue launch on December 29. To prepare for our new site, we’re migrating patron “My Lists” to the new site on December 18. Later on December 19 or the next day you’ll be able to import your lists to your “For Later” shelf in the new website and then move them into new lists, if you choose. 

Shelves and lists are just two of the great new features in our new website. They make it easier than ever to keep track of items you want to borrow, or items you've borrowed and loved, or to share lists with other users.

More information on importing your lists is available in the FAQs on our new website.

Get a Sneak Peek at our New Website

We will be launching our brand new website and catalogue on December 29, but you can visit it now and let us know what you think.

When first logging in to the new catalogue, you will be prompted to register. It's a quick and easy process. Check out our Getting Started guide to begin exploring our new website and catalogue.