Read Letter Day (Adult Group Opportunity)



Read Letter Day offers children in daycares the opportunity to discover the joy of reading at an early age. As a group, adult volunteers come to the Library to read one on one to the children to spark their interest in reading books. Fostering an early interest in reading provides children with the key to lifelong learning. This is a perfect group opportunity for team building!


To introduce reading to young children

To instill confidence and genuine desire for lifelong learning

To provide access to the world of books and knowledge

To increase the amount of time spent reading to children in a daycare or Library setting

To provide family/caregivers information about the Library

To increase awareness and use of library resources, services and programs

Recruitment Focus

A group of 10-15 adult colleagues/friends ready to volunteer


1 - 2 hours as scheduled


Fluent in English

Strong reading skills

Clear speaker

Patient and reliable

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Ability to help children of diverse backgrounds and skill levels


Promote and support children to enhance their reading skills

Commit to participate in the program on scheduled dates

Contact the daycare or branch contact if unable to attend a scheduled session

Fill out volunteer log sheet

Respect confidentiality


Services for Children, Teens, Families (SCFT) area covers literacy trends and provides tips on reading to young children

Help Needed

All volunteer positions for this program are currently filled. Please fill out an application and we’ll contact you when a position becomes available.