Library Mascot and Handler (Youth and Adult Opportunity)


The Calgary Public Library’s chameleon Mascot “Curious” represents the library at community events throughout the city.

The Mascot's role includes interacting with the public in costume at events throughout the year. Mascot “handlers” are partnered up with the Mascot to communicate with the public on behalf of the Mascot (Mascots can’t speak!) and to ensure their safety.

Volunteer Duties


  • Greet public in costume and in character at Library events and represent the Library at community events throughout the year.
  • Interact personally with Chameleon fans.


  • Support Mascot, assisting them to meet and greet the public, looking after physical and safety needs and escorting them at all times.

Length of the program

  • Ongoing, event dates and times will vary

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Volunteers who are outgoing, friendly personality
  • Volunteers who like and respect children and people from all walks of life
  • Volunteers who are reliable
  • Volunteers who are punctual
  • Volunteers who have excellent communication skills
  • Volunteers who have excellent social skills
  • Volunteers who are physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time
  • Volunteers who are able to work independently

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Attend volunteer orientation session
  • Abide by the Volunteer Standards of Conduct
  • Inform staff immediately if unable to fulfill volunteer commitment
  • Interact with public in a friendly and respectful manner
  • Respect confidentiality


  • One hour training session covering program materials, as well as roles and responsibilities of being a Calgary Public Library Volunteer

Volunteer Benefits

  • Introduce yourself to new people and opportunities
  • Bring joy and fun to the community
  • Have fun and contribute to your community
  • Develop new skills: inter-personal skills, leadership, problem solving, communication, and time management

Program Locations

  • All Library locations

Library Mascot Contact:

Katie Radke Email: Phone: 403-221-2036

If you are interested in volunteering as the Library Mascot or Handler, please apply here.