Should you send a thank you card after an interview?

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Given that the consensus still seems to be that thank you cards are a vital after a job interview, Calgary Public Library customers often ask staff for books or magazine articles that can offer guidance on how to write such letters. Books such as Hire Me, Inc: Interviews The Get Offers and The Advice of a Headhunter offer strategies for writing meaningful letters when "going for the close" in trying to secure a job. They also discuss whether email or hand written notes are the best options in trying to make your letter stand out from the crowd.

A recent article in the Globe and Mail had a nice summary of the four main elements you should include in your thank you letter. The author, a career coach, stresses that such letters should be much more than notes to say "Thank you for the opportunity to meet you."

Staying on the Radar After The Job Interview

LinkedIn Tips

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One of the Calgary Public Library's volunteer career coaches recently watched and recommended a webinar on LinkedIn. The following is a text summary of the webinar, including the much debated topic of whether or not to use a photograph on your LinkedIn profile:

Six Things NOT to do When Using LinkedIn

Looking for a Recruiter?

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One of the most critical elements of finding the right recruiter is to find one who specializes in your industry.Why? Because recruiters are networking for you, so it's in your best interest to stick to those who are well versed in your area of expertise and have valuable contacts in your industry.

According to Service Alberta, there are currently 237 recruiters in the City. So how do you narrow down your search? The Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services is one site that allows you to search by industry area. Although it's not a comprehensive list, it can kickstart your efforts to identify specialists in your area.

Job Seekers: Finding a Staffing Company

The Calgary Public Library aslo has two print directories that list recruiters across Canada. The Directory of Executive and Professional Recruiters and the Directory of Canadian Recruiters are both available for reference (in library) use on the Central Library's Third Floor. The latter book was also written to provide a full understanding of the process, including what you need to do to make the recruiting experience successful.

You may also search the complete list of recruiters by using the Service Alberta site:

Search for A Business in Alberta

You can search by license type from the pull down menu, and you will get a listing of all employment agencies that are legally entitled to work in Alberta. The Alberta government has also a guide to using employment agencies that answers some frequently asked questions:

Using Recruitment or Employment Agencies