In-Situ Industry Players in Calgary's Energy Sector

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At a recent Strategic Networking evening at the Central Library, participants asked facilitator Debbie Mastel more about In Situ players in Calgary's energy sector. She described the two most common ways of getting oil out of the oil sands: SAGD technology or open pit mining. SAGD Technology (Steam Assisted Gravitational Drainage) projects, also know as in situ projects, extract bitumen that is trapped too far below the Earth's surface to mine. Two horizontal wells are drilled beside each other and steam is injected into the bitumen reservoir using the top well. As a result, the thick, tarry bitumen melts, allowing it to flow to the surface through the other well. The process uses well pads, which helps eliminate the severe clear-cutting necessary for mining.

Debbie's employer, Devon, only has SAGD operations. As a result, she compiled this list of in-situ industry players to identify key players. Her job as a recruiter is very similar to a job seeker's. Says Debbie, "Job seekers need to know the companies that are in their industry and then target them for positions. I do the same thing but in reverse. I look at our competitors and then approach their employees to find out if they know of anyone who’s looking for a new opportunity."

To further research Calgary's energy sector, the Calgary Public Library carries the Canadian Oil Register. This popular directory is the foremost reference publication for detailed information on oil and gas and other industry-related companies, their key personnel, products and services, financial and operational statistics.


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