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How To Ace a "Crazy Good" Interview

The world of interviewing is getting more complicated. In addition to Skype and panel interviews, job searchers now have the added complexity of deep generational gaps and stiff competition during the interview process. How does one stand out in a slew of interviewees, without appearing desperate?

Crazy Good Interviewing, a new, very readable book in the Library's career collection, features some unconventional ideas along with a sound approach towards applying a variety of techniques and skills to help ensure success. Despite the title, the author is not suggesting that wild behavior is in order. Instead, he uses anecdotes and case studies to guide the reader on how to break away from the ordinary and hum drum, and to make a meaningful impression and create "crazy" good connections.

Some highlights include:

1. The Power of Threes, an effective technique for answering an interviewer's open ended questions such as "What relevant experiences have prepared you for the job?"

2. An interviewing model called ACT Out for assessing strengths, communicating verbally and non verbally, and thanking and staying connected to the interviewer

3. Tyes of interviews, including phone, group, and Skype based, along with excellent tips such as remembering to alternate your gaze between the webcam and your computer monitor

The author, John B. Molidor, is the CEO/President for Michigan State University Flint Area Medical Education, and understands how communication styles and interviewing skills can complement each other. Recommended.


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