Getting Out of Your Own Way

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A Taste of Coaching

—Presentation and Free Coaching Sessions

Wednesday, May 21, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Central Library 2nd Floor John Dutton Theatre

Thursday, May 22, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Crowfoot Library

In celebration of International Coaching Week, the Calgary Public Library is once again hosting our Taste of Coaching event on May 21st and 22nd, featuring free coaching sessions at two locations in partnership with the International Coaching Federation Calgary Charter Chapter. Following a 30-minute presentation on the nature and intent of coaching, participants will have the opportunity to sign up for free, 15 minute, one-on-one sessions with a professional coach.

For those who have never experienced what a certified coach can offer, this is a great chance to try it out. Coaches can help create focus on personal and professional issues, provide insights into dilemmas, and encourage a commitment to personal goals. I caught up with Lisa Holden Rovers, one of the coaches at the Crowfoot Library event, to ask her more about why and how she chose her career:

Lisa, how did you decide to become a professional coach?

While in my position in Human Resources back in 2000, I went to a workshop where I was introduced to the coaching process. It helped me realize that much the work I was doing (and enjoyed!) to support and advise both employees and managers incorporated many coaching fundamentals. Driving home that night I was struck by the fact that coaching was what I was meant to be doing. So I decided to finance myself to go through the 18 month course, and by 2005 I had my own coaching practice.

Have you worked with coaches yourself over the years?

Frequently, and they have been critical in helping me define and understand the important moments in my life. When I was trying to decide whether to form my own practice, one said to me “What I’m hearing is not if, but when you are going to make this move - pay attention, and be aware of, the importance of timing.” Sure enough, around the time when I was visualizing how I needed more harmony in my life, I was layed off. I knew that was my opportunity to take charge and launch my business.

What can a great coach offer?

I feel a good coach has the skill to truly listen, reflect back, and help you get out of your own way. Often we can forget where we come from and where we are meant to be heading, and a coach can help you realize and navigate through that. Sometimes we have our blinders on. We are too busy and there is too much noise in our life for us to always see our way. Coaches can help pave the path.

As an added bonus, we are also offering a follow up program—Creating Clarity for Career and Life Goalsfor those interested in taking their work to the next level:

Creating Clarity for Career and Life Goals

Saturday, May 24, 10:30 am to 12:00 p.m., Central Library

Interested? To register or for more information either visit our website or call 403-260-2782 .

Behaviour Descriptive Interviews

by Roberta

Interviews can be scary, but behaviour descriptive interviews can be terrifying if you're unprepared. This interview technique was designed to discover how you act and react in certain circumstances, and employers are looking for real life examples of how you behaved in situations relating to the questions they pose. Given that the City of Calgary and other major employers use this interview technique, we invited experts to give their best advice and recommendations as part of our recent Accelerate Your Career event at the Central Library on April 26th.

Our first presenter, Debbie, stressed one word: Prepare! Make sure you’ve got lots of relevant stories and examples to give your interviewer. The better you know yourself and the more reflection you’ve done, the better you’ll do in your interview. Know yourself, and research the company you’re interviewing with and the role you’re interviewing for.

David reminded everyone preparing for any interview to be prepared, but not so prepared and memorized that you end up sounding phony. Be genuine and yourself, be proud of your accomplishments, be aware of your strengths, and understand weaknesses or areas for improvement. And, before you leave the interview, know your next step. If the interviewer does not offer that before you leave, you should ask them. Go into every interview with a positive attitude. Remember: employers only interview strong candidates, so if you received an interview you are doing amazing. It will just be a matter of time before you land a job.

David and Debbie hosted such a lively session that we have made it available Calgary Public Library's YouTube channel.

Here are some great examples of possible questions from the Asper School of Business, while this article offers good advice on how to craft and tell your own story. For further research, our wide selection of interviewing books go into greater depth and offer a wider range of questions and strategies.