Revamping Your Career Path

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Barbara Moses, Ph.D, an international speaker, work/life expert, and best-selling author, recently wrote a fascinating article on career reinvention.

Singing A New Tune: Revamping Your Career Path
Globe & Mail, August 19, 2011

A self-styled "mother of reinvention," singer Madonna has constantly changed her wardrobe, performance style and music to stay ahead of the curve. But look a little closer and she is still an entertainer selling sex.

From Spice Girls singer to fashion designer, Victoria Beckham is another famously touted career re-inventor. But actually she has been a clothes horse from the time she was young, and simply used her celebrity status and interest in fashion to turn what was always a hobby into a business.

Neither of these so-called career re-inventors really reinvented herself. Rather, in their different ways, they both renewed themselves by building on things that were already part of who they are. Madonna repackaged herself again and again, while Ms. Beckham reoriented her skills to capitalize on a passion.

Both celebrities offer a lesson for those who have strong desires to reinvent themselves. It's a desire that rears itself especially at this time of the year when workers return from vacation and are confronted with the same old assignments, petty office politics and feelings that they are working too hard for too little. They imagine more glamorous lives with greater appreciation, recognition and money, a better boss and more interesting work. In essence, they want to transform their lives into something completely new and shiny.

But that is not do-able. Instead, they should think more like Madonna and Ms. Beckham, who provide models not for reinvention, but for successful career renewal. (Click here for her full article)

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