Employment Agencies—Hope or Hype?

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This Saturday, October 22nd, come to the Central Library to take advantage of our Accelerate Your Career All-Day Career Event.

Sabrina Souliere, President of Executive Steps, will be at the library to discuss Employment Agencies—Hope or Hype?.

We asked Sabina a few questions about the current job market in Calgary and about employment agencies.

What is your impression of Calgary's work environment right now? Do you see that companies and organizations are starting to hire again?

The market is in a positive hiring situation. Many businesses are hiring fast to hire the best talent that fits their culture; from oil and gas and all related service industries, to retail and manufacturing sectors.

Are there any industries in particular that are currently showing a high growth activity?

According to Statistics Canada, growth industries in Alberta are: technical, scientific, and hospitability to name a few. What we are seeing in the recruiting world is companies wanting and needing to use services in order to find the best talent that fits, both the skills, and of course in organizational culture fit.

How do you feel the Calgary recruiters are poised to help professionals get hired? How do employment agencies help in this process?

Employment agencies help to qualify and source talent. Recruiters allow companies to circumvent the long, expensive process of managing many candidates applying for jobs, and bring forward the best fit for the role in the company. Employment agencies also offer candidates additional methods for making connections with hiring managers at potential employers who have relationships with these recruitment firms. In short, agencies give candidates or job seekers more options and access to an abundance of jobs to which they may otherwise not have access.

Sabina Souliere is the President of Executive Steps Inc and has more than 13 years of experience in the specialized staffing industry. Sabina will be presenting Employment Agencies—Hope or Hype? during the Accelerate Your Career All-Day Career Event this Saturday, October 22nd at the Central Library. Register online or by calling 403-260-2620.


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