Calling all Green Thumbs and Pastry Chefs

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If you like working with your hands and like physical labour, check out Alberta Agriculture's job fair on May 23rd at the Days Inn Calgary South from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Seven companies will be at the Job Fair to meet with Calgarians to discuss a wide variety of employment opportunities. We talked with Jodi Murphy, coordinator, to find out more:

Is Alberta’s agriculture sector growing?

Preliminary results from a recent labour force demand survey for the agriculture and agri-food processing industry, available later this year from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, show that thousands of jobs are and will be available in this industry in the near future. It’s predicted that Alberta could experience a labour shortage of about 114,000 workers in the next ten years.

Jodi, can you give us examples of some interesting jobs that are in high demand?

There are important behind-the-scenes jobs that help feed the people of Alberta, and beyond, in areas such as meat processing, commercial bakery production, experienced meat cutters, millwrighting, welding, maintenance mechanics, apprentice mechanic, drivers, and farm labourers.

What’s the biggest draw for people thinking about working in the agriculture sector?

It is interesting to work in the agriculture and food industry because of its importance to people. Working in this industry gives you an appreciation and behind-the-scenes look at where food comes from and how it’s made. Many of the jobs available play an important role in making food. It is hard work and you will be tired at the end of the day because many of the jobs are very physically demanding.


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