Job Search Boot Camp

by Roberta

On September 18th and 19th, Calgary Public Library will be participating in the Job Search Boot Camp, focusing on Oil and Gas jobs. We interviewed the coordinator, Lynn Berry, to find out more about this event's unique focus.

Lynn, your popular Job Search Boot Camps are noted for having focused themes. What is going to set this Oil and Gas Virtual Career Fair apart?

We will be preparing job seekers to participate in a Virtual Career Fair that is being sponsored by the Petroleum Human Resources Council and the Alberta Government in October. It is an opportunity for individuals to learn about and apply for work using an on line software program. We will be explaining what that means and sharing tips to be successful. It is a method most of us haven’t experienced when looking for work. I am excited to be learning something new also.

How will participants learn to improve their job searching skills?

We will be using some mini lectures, a panel discussion, individual activities and group activities for people to improve their skills. Some of the topics we will cover are: What is a Virtual Career Fair? Creating your introduction, Oil & Gas Sector Overview, Skills/Benefits/Uniqueness Statements, Who is hiring and how do I find out about them? Whip Your Resume into Shape, March Confidently into an Interview, and Job Search Coaching Tips by HR Professionals. We will provide them with some of the ‘best practices’ for each topic so they are knowledgeable and confident when applying for work.

Will your ever popular employer panel be returning?

Yes, we will be having Human Resource professional from Oil and Gas companies attend to share their advice and tips on what a job seeker can do to be more successful in their job search. It is a chance to ask questions that may be difficult to find the answers in books.

Lynn, one of the perks of your events is that they offer valuable networking opportunities. What words of advice would you give those attending?

I think one thing for job seekers to remember is that whenever they are out in public they could potentially meet someone who can help them in their job search. This means they should dress appropriately, perhaps wearing clothes suitable for the work they are looking for or even dressing up a bit. People should make sure their personal appearance is clean and tidy. I also recommend individuals come prepared with a business card or resume available to share if the opportunity presents itself. What I have observed is that the individuals that get the most out of this experience are highly engaged and display a positive attitude. We know it is difficult to be looking for work, as it can be frustrating and disappointing if someone has been unemployed for awhile. They need to remember that employers hire people they want to work with. Job seekers need to make sure they are confident and pleasant so people say ‘yes, I would like to work with that person’. First impressions matter.