To Market, To Market: Logistics Careers in Alberta

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According to a recent Calgary Herald article, "Canada faces a shortage of 357,000 workers for the supply chain sector—at least 50,000 job openings in supply chain in Alberta alone—between now and 2020." But awareness of the variety of jobs within the logistics sector eludes many, despite excellent websites dedicated to the industry, including the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council and the Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta. They each feature great career overviews and industry information, and highlight the huge demand for support occupations from a range of professions:SCMA Alberta graphic

To help you explore your options, we invited a team of supply chain professionals to take part in our 4th Annual Accelerate Your Career event at the Central Library on April 26th, as part of our Career Conversations. Drop by and chat one-on-one and find out more about the industry and explore the type of work available. They will be joined by 15 more professionals in industries such as oil and gas, information technology, accounting and insurance, as part of our career exploration event.


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