Through the Back Door with Glassdoor

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One message that's always driven home during the Calgary Public Library's interview and networking programs is simple: research the companies you have targeted. The information you collect can result in more meaningful and fruitful interactions and results. In addition to the Library’s databases that provide tools to take you beyond Google, Glassdoor is an example of a website that offers company ratings and employee reviews. This Canadian dvision of the California based website offers ratings for over 250,000 companies. This can prove handy when trying to get a sense of the pros and cons of a company, and in many cases employees will provide examples of interview questions and ratings on company culture, as is the case with Calgary's Golder Associates page. For example, a job searcher who was recently interviewed by a Golder three person panel was asked about expected salary. He advised to "make sure you know what you want, do the research, and be prepared to answer this question."

Glassdoor is also handy for researching average salaries, and often includes a breakdown of base pay and bonuses. Facebook users also have the option to identify and connect with friends who work for targeted companies. While many job searchers have yet to discover this website, recent articles point to its increased use and potential.

To make things even easier, the Calgary Public Library now has a partnership program with Glassdoor, which allows you unlimited access without having to sign up. One more tool to make your job search easier.


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