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Irish Census

by Christine L Hayes - 1 Comment(s)

Hello all you genealogy buffs,

In partnership with Library and Archives Canada, The National Archives of Ireland is digitizing the 1911 and 1901 census returns for Ireland. The first bit is now available at the National Archives of Ireland

It is only for Dublin city so far, but if you click on "Future Plans" you can see in what order the other counties will be done. 1911 will be done first, then 1901. These are the only two censuses available for Ireland as earlier records were pulped or destroyed during the civil war (and the war itself prevented the taking of a census in 1921) Anyhoo, this is a big deal and not just because Library and Archives Canada is involved (although that, too, is a big deal). The site also includes photos and essays about the history of Dublin so it is valuable not just for genealogists, but for all kinds of historians. Have a look and let us know what you think!


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by Chubby
Thank you so much for this arctile, it saved me time!

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