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Heritage Day, 2009

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AJ 1082

CNR Station, formerly St. Mary's Parish Hall

Alison Jackson Photograph Collection, AJ 1082

The theme of this year’s Heritage day (Monday February 16) is Heritage and the Environment: Saving Places Built to Last. It is an opportunity for Canadian communities to celebrate the numerous environmental benefits achieved from the rehabilitation of heritage properties. These are issues that Calgarians are facing right now, as we look at the two working man’s hotels, the Cecil and the King Eddy, and contemplate the future of these two old-timers.
While it sometimes seems that we are a city of “razers” we actually have quite a few outstanding examples of buildings that have been rehabilitated and repurposed. The photo in this posting is of the old Canadian Northern Railway station. It has been repurposed twice in its lifetime. It started its life as the parish hall for St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was then sold and renovated to become the CNR railway station. In its third incarnation it is the Nat Christie Centre, the home of Alberta Ballet.
You can see photos of other historic buildings, including some like the Lougheed Grand, the Clarence Block (which was McNally Robinson booksellers) and the Dominion Bank (now Teatro Restaurant) in our databases Postcards from the Past, A Virtual Tour of Historic Calgary and Calgary’s Heritage Homes.
In addition to information about historic buildings in Calgary, the Community Heritage and Family History room at the Central Library also houses items which may be of interest to those of you looking to restore a vintage home. In addition to books of the nitty gritty how-to variety, we also have catalogues from hardware stores that include paint samples and pictures of various fittings. We also have resources for those of you interested in researching the history of your home. Come and see us on the fourth floor of the Central Library and we would be delighted to show you the resources we have.


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