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It's This Weekend: THE Heritage Weekend

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We are hoping to see millions (well, hundreds, maybe) of people out this Friday and Saturday for our annual Heritage Weekend. I have decided on the movies I will show for our Reel History lunch break. I will show a disc of slides from the General Hospital nursing school from 1956, a short featurette of the Midnapore Cycle, a play performed about the history of the area around St. Mary’s College and a short presentation on the history of the CPR and one of the six dvds from the Family Tree Narrative series, this one on the Hungry Wolf family of the Blood Tribe. This will be a nice break from our other programs and will allow you to rest and eat your lunch.

The other programs I am especially excited about are the one on the Heritage Resource evaluation system at 1:00, the medical history at 2:00, the panel discussion about social media in a heritage world at 3:00 and the tribute to Hugh Dempsey at 4:00. To be honest, I am excited about all of the programs but I won’t be able to come to the ones in the morning since I am running the Family History Coaching program in the genealogy area from 10:00 to 12:00. All you genealogists out there, pop on down for the coaching and stick around for the rest of the day. It’s going to be fun. The morning programs that I will have to miss are the British Commonwealth Air Training Program and the lantern slides of Mary T.S. Shäffer. Both of these look great and I’m sorry I will miss them.

You can register for these programs (or at least the ones that require registration, some are drop-in) through the Programs link on our website ( or by calling 403-260-2620. We’d like to see lots of you down here. These programs are always fabulous and sometimes we even have goodies (not that I’m promising anything)

Oh, and don’t forget that we are having a Heritage Matters program on the evening of Friday the 23rd. Matthew Siddons, a graduate of the U of C’s Urban Studies program will talk about the legacy of five different cultural groups in the heritage of our city. It starts at 5:30, after the library has closed for the evening. We always have a lot of fun and learn a lot at these programs so I heartily encourage you to register and come on by.

Heritage Weekend


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