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Calgary Hotels

by Christine L Hayes - 0 Comment(s)

PC 947

Cecil Hotel, ca. 1912

Postcards from the Past, PC 947

Calgary's historic hotels are in the news again. This time it is the Cecil Hotel, built in 1912 to cater to the needs of the working man. It was described in a 1914 Albertan publication as "a cosy resort permeated with fellowship." A hotel down the street, the King Edward, catering to the same clientele, was called "the ideal home of the working man."

Hotels played an important part in the early history of this city. To see more pictures, visit our Community Heritage and Family History Digital Library. If you are interested in the history of hotels in Calgary, come down to the local history room of the Central Library and have a look at The Role of Hotels in Early Calgary by Harry Sanders and Bed and Breakfast by William M McLennan.


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