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Party Like It's... 2009 (or 1909)!

by Christine L Hayes - 0 Comment(s)


Wm. Aberhart's Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute, taken in 1967

Alison Jackson Photography Collection, AJ0506

With Barack Obama making history as the first African American to be president of the United States, our thoughts here have turned to all things political. In particular we are looking at Alberta's interesting history. Did you know that Alberta has had only four different political parties in power since it became a province in 1905? Can you name them? (See below)

Political Parties DisplayThe photograph in this entry is of a display in front of the Local History Room in the Central Library. It highlights some of the interesting items we have in the Local History room including election brochures, party publications (check out The Little Book of Reform and The Social Credit Challenge) as well as memoirs and histories.Pop in to check out the display and have a look at the collection of materials relating to Alberta politics. We're on the fourth floor of the Central Library.

(The four political parties are the Liberal Party, 1905-1921; United Farmers of Alberta, 1921-1935; Social Credit, 1935-1971; and Conservative, 1971 to present)


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