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by Christine L Hayes - 1 Comment(s)

PC 1327The city has lost a great man. Daryl "Doc" Seaman passed away on Sunday January 11, following a long battle with prostate cancer. Doc is probably best remembered as the man who brought the Flames to Calgary in 1980 but he was also a great philanthropist and a great businessman.

He was born in Rouleau Saskatchewan in 1922. He joined the Canadian Air Force during World War II and flew a Hudson bomber in 82 missions in north Africa and Italy. After the war he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and with money saved from his wartime salary, Doc and his brothers B.J. and Don started a company that would grow into Bow Valley Industries.

But his lasting legacy can be found in his devotion to his community evidenced by his involvement in causes as diverse as amateur hockey, environmental protection and medical research. In every article written about his passing, mention is made that Doc preferred to keep his philanthropic work low-key and understated.

If you are interested in reading more about this great Calgarian, author Sydney Sharpe has donated copies of her biography of Doc Seaman, Staying in the Game, to the Calgary Public Library (and other libraries in Canada). You can place a hold on the title by following this link.


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by Azia
And to think I was going to talk to smooene in person about this.

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