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This Blog won a Lion Award

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Lion Award

I am delighted to tell you that the Community Heritage and Family History blog has won a Lion Award in the category of Advocacy and Awareness. This means a lot to me and my colleagues because it lets us know that, first, you are reading us Smile and second, that our postings are helping to promote a knowledge and appreciation for the heritage of this beautiful city.

Lion Award front

The Lion Awards are given out every two years by the Calgary Heritage Authority to recognize citizens and groups who have endeavored to support heritage conservation in Calgary in any capacity. The Advocacy and Awareness Award, in particular, is given to people or groups who advocate or promote the preservation of a heritage site or who work to increase public awareness of heritage issues. We are very proud to have been chosen for this award. Thank you to the Calgary Heritage Authority and thank you to everyone who follows us on this blog. Also, thanks to our colleagues in the heritage community. We have been warmly welcomed by all the people we encounter at the various heritage events in the city and we get some of our best ideas from them. There is an impressive community of people working to preserve our heritage – many of whom work behind the scenes and get little recognition. So, thanks to you. Without you there would be no heritage to write about.

We had a great time at the awards ceremony. The keynote speaker, Reid Henry, director of Calgary Arts Development , spoke about the Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto which was an inspiring look at the reclamation and revitalization of the historic Wychwood streetcar repair barns. It gave me hope that similar solutions could be found for some of the heritage industrial sites in our city. Have a look at the Wychwood site:

After the awards we were given a tour of the Water Centre building architect Leslie Beale. The Water Centre is one of those buildings that will endure, becoming a heritage structure in time. It is quite an astonishing achievement. It is a LEED gold building that is both people and environmentally friendly (not to mention, architecturally stunning) and we very much enjoyed our tour. After the tour we were able to mingle with authors, advocates, architects and others involved in heritage preservation and restoration in this city.

The Lions are named for the iconic Centre Street Bridge lions, one of which graces the front entrance to the Municipal Building. I thought I would include a couple of photographs of one of the lions from when it was living on the Centre Street Bridge. This photo is from the Alison Jackson Photograph Collection which is housed here at the Central Library and is accessible through our Community Heritage and Family History Digital Library (see the link at the left)

So, thank you all for your support and “Yahoo!”

AJ 1253

Centre Street Lion

Alison Jackson Photograph Collection, AJ 1253 ca1950s

AJ 1255

AJ 1255


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