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RETROactive - a New Heritage Blog

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JU 20060101025130

Barnhart Apartments, 1121 6th Street SW

Designated a Provincial Historic Resource in 1996

Judith Umbach Photograph Collection

Alberta’s Historic Places Stewardship Program has a new blog. It is called RETROactive: Blogging Alberta’s Historic Places and covers all the activities of the Historic Places Program including the research and designation program, the Alberta Main Street program, the conservation advisory program and the geographical names program, among others. These are the folks who evaluate and designate sites for historic significance. Their blog can help us understand the process of evaluation, answer questions about conservation and make us aware of some very neat places in our province. It’s a great blog for anyone interested in history, owners of historic properties, and explorers of this great province of ours. Some recent postings have been about three new historic designations, (McDonald Stopping House in Smoky Lake County, the Red Brick School in Didsbury and the West Canadian Collieries site in Crowsnest) including information about their significance to Alberta History, an entry about place names in Alberta, and an article about the village of Holden. Of course, because this is a blog, you can post your own stories about the sites they cover, or add your comments to the discussion of heritage in the province. They also have a link to their photographs (and they are quite beautiful) on Flickr so you can see what some of these places look like.

You can visit this blog at and sign up for an email subscription or click on the link to their Facebook page and follow them that way. However you do it, this is a valuable resource for people who have an interest in Alberta’s history.

AJ 0153

Charles Ora Card Home, 337 Main Street, Cardston

Designated a Provincial Historic Resource in 1978

Alison Jackson Photograph Collection, AJ 0153


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