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Volunteer Recognition Event 2009

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

This year, the annual Volunteer Recognition Event paid tribute to 35 years of both volunteering at CPL and the Homebound Readers program.

The Central library hosted over 400 guests (a record turnout) – representing the diverse volunteer landscape which CPL is so fortunate to possess. Smiles, stories, and general camaraderie abounded over music, food, and champagne.

A number of inspiring stories were shared. One particular participant, Terri of the Homebound Readers program, shared the positive impact of the program on her life after losing her sight to diabetes.

Most importantly, we would like to thank all our volunteers – you more than anyone continue to strengthen and enrich the Calgary Public Library within the community.

Library Volunteer Awards

Homebound Readers – Iris Hillenbrand

Homework Help – Ann Ghosh

Libraries in Residence – Jane Forsyth

TD Read with Me – Cesar Martin

Reading Advantage – Danielle Derosier

Reading Buddies – Kate Hanna

Spanish Conversation Club – Teresa Parra

Career Coaching – Lise Dugas

Computer Buddies – Annie Ran

Computer Technology – Susan Bolton

ESL Conversation Club – Marlene Nelson

Conversation for ESL Teens – Ali and Sunaira Tejpar


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