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Ideacity on DVD!

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Fancy yourself an “ideas” person? Interested in the ideas and people that influence culture, business, technology and society as a whole? IdeaCity is an annual conference held in Toronto. It brings together a variety of thinkers and the public, for lectures, discussion and networking. If you've enjoyed TED talks, IdeaCity is probably right up your alley!

Sam Harris, Margaret Atwood, Ray Kurzweil, Andrew Nikiforuk, Richard Dawkins, Conrad Black and Ezra Levant are just some of the many notable speakers who have given talks over the last few years.

One doesn’t need to be a specialist in order to be intrigued by these lectures. The topics are highly interesting for a broad audience, and the speakers are accessible and engaging. Each lecture is about half an hour in length, so they’re just enough to get you really curious about a topic, without being overwhelming.

Calgary Public Library has IdeaCity on DVD! Check it out today!

News on the Cheap

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If you have a library card and a newspaper subscription, you may be paying too much! Do you read the Calgary Herald or Calgary Sun every day? How about the Globe and Mail? These and many others are freely available online, through our e-library.

Starting from our e-library, select Newspapers and Magazines. Then, select “Newspaper Direct Press Display”. This is our most often-used database, by far. Newspapers from around the world are sorted by name, by language, and by country, so it’s easy to find your preferred papers. Additionally, the electronic articles can be saved, printed, e-mailed, translated(!) or even shared on sites like Facebook, and posted to your blog.

When the library participates in community events, and we have the opportunity to show the public this incredible database, we consistently hear that folks “had no idea” how much is available through our website.

Cancel your newspaper subscriptions, and start exploring our e-library! Use the money you’ll save to buy a CPL membership for a friend, and you’ll still have some dough left over. Now, isn’t that good news?

Ignore Everybody, by Hugh MacLeod

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

Note: the actual title of this book is Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Success, but the blogging software that I'm using limits the length of my titles. We library types like to be precise!

While I think that the glowing and gushing praise adorning the cover of this neat little book is a touch too complimentary, I did enjoy reading it. It certainly wasn’t a dense or challenging read, but why should a book on creativity be dense and challenging? In this case, the medium suits the message.

Essentially, Ignore Everybody is a series of common-sense maxims for those who hear a stifled little voice inside themselves, yearning to burst out and be expressive. However, even though the advice itself is simple and sensible, there is humor, candor and even a bit of dirty language throughout. One reviewer noted that the book will “change your life”, although this reviewer certainly wouldn’t go that far. Really, there’s nothing terribly radical in these keys to success. However, if you have a creative impulse but need some motivation to get started on a project, this may be just the book for you.

However, do be sure to check it out if you have an interest in either cartooning or blogging!

Food is Life!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

When I’m feeling particularly low, I like to treat myself with a little pick-me-up. Typically, that’s cheesecake. Conversely, when I’m celebrating, I like to indulge in…cheesecake. Of course, if it’s unavailable, I’ll settle for a glass of red wine, a big plate of pasta, or applewood smoked cheddar cheese. Food comforts when I’m upset, and celebrates right along with me, in the good times.

Much more importantly, food is medicine. Simply adding more of one kind of food, or omitting another, is often enough to eradicate bothersome health issues – everything from acne and headaches to irritable bowels!

If you love food, and want to learn more about how it relates to your mood, your health, your budget and your body, then join us on October 2 and 3 for a series of programs, aptly named Food is Life.

There will be a huge range of programs, so whether you’re curious about growing your own vegetables, or wondering what to feed your picky eaters, there’ll be something for you.

For more information, please see the following:

Food is Life

A Lama Walks Among Us

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama is coming to Calgary! No doubt you could pick this instantly recognizable gentleman out of a line-up, but how much do you know about him and the tradition which he’s inherited?

Who or what is a Lama? Where is he from, and what does he believe? What is the relationship between the Dalai Lama and China? For that matter, what is the relationship between the Dalai Lama and Richard Geere? Visit the library to explore and learn more!

Browse our catalogue for “Dalai Lama” or “Buddhism”.

Use our e-library to access encyclopedias such as Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism, and a huge range of popular and academic journal articles about Buddhism.

Join a library program about Buddhism!

Also, don’t miss out on the activities that are happening throughout the city, during His Holiness’s visit. For more information:

The Dalai Lama presented by the University of Calgary

Free public lecture: The Dalai Lamas: A Cultural Heritage of Embodied Compassion

Calgary Buddhist (Jodo Shinshu) Temple

Did You Hear that Noise?

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

In my mind, vehicles are investments that offer only diminishing returns. Sure, they make life convenient, but they are expensive to operate, insure, park, fill with gas, etc. Not to mention the fact that as soon as you drive off the lot, the car is worth thousands less than what you’ve just paid.

If you’ve got an old clunker, the federal government and even local dealerships may offer cash incentives to persuade you to switch to a newer model, and undoubtedly there are strong environmental reasons to trade in an inefficient car. But, if you decide to keep your aging vehicle, at some point you will likely need to repair it. If you’re handy, (or you operate under the bold delusion of handiness) then you’ll want to explore our electronic databases.

Starting from our e-library, select “Auto, Home and Consumer”. Here, you’ll find a list of databases including Alldata Online and Auto Repair Reference Centre.

These databases are not “exhaustive” (pardon the pun!), but they are very comprehensive. They include information on how to install and repair various parts, as well as electrical schematics and detailed diagrams.

The next time you find yourself wondering about that strange rattling, clicking, or blinking, why not try using these databases? Save time, save money, save your clunker!

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