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Mac Books

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I have a tendency to name my possessions. So, when I recently purchased a new laptop, I didn’t have to spend a long time thinking of a name. He would be Mac. Mac the Mac.


From the time I was a child, and saw a little green triangle blinking on the screen of my elementary school’s first computer, I have been a PC user. Microsoft is the only language I speak, and I’m not even fluent! I don’t want to learn a new language! Or, do I?

If you are someone for whom learning new software is challenging, then check out the huge range of computer books that can be found at your local library. We’ve got guides for Dummies and Idiots, and those even smarter, too!

Of course there’s an argument for just diving in and tinkering around. In fact, when I purchased the new machine, I asked, “What’s the one thing you’d advise someone who’s never used a Mac?”, to which the response was: “Don’t be afraid to push buttons”.

However, if you’d like explanations with screenshots, and helpful hints that you may not have discovered yourself, check out our collection. You’ve already spent a good deal of money buying the machine; invest some time learning how to best use it!

I introduced Mac the MacBook to the library’s Mac books, and already I’m feeling more “literate” in my new language. I’ve even got a photo album (with my head warped in all sorts of weird ways) to prove it!

Catalogue (hint: use “Macintosh” as your search term)


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