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Debt-Free Forever, by Gail Vaz-Oxlade

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I don’t have a television, so when I visit family who do, I’m always eager to indulge in guilty pleasures. One such pleasure is the Slice channel, which has a constant flow of programming dedicated to saving money and marriages, training unruly dogs, and losing weight.

So, I was instantly drawn to Debt Free Forever, when it appeared on our shelf of new books. Debt Free Forever is written by Gail Vaz-Oxlade, a tough talking advisor who whips indebted couples into financial shape through a series of budgeting challenges, and a common sense approach to saving and spending. You can watch her in action on the Slice channel, on Til Debt do us Part.

I read this book with great interest! Even though I don’t have the crippling student and consumer debt that a lot of young individuals and couples do, I still found that the book had plenty of practical advice.

No matter how indebted you may be, Vaz-Oxlade will convince you that you can start to remedy your situation today. Not only that, but she lays out a simple, easy-to-follow strategy for getting it done. But it’s not only those who struggle with debt and repayment who can benefit from her advice. This book is full of tips that are easy to implement, and lays out sensible financial routines that can be adopted by anyone.

Check our Debt Free Forever and turn a new page in 2010!


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