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Ten Habits of Successful Writers

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Shortly after I volunteered to write the Slice of Calgary blog, I had a momentary flash of self-doubt. What if I run out of ideas? Well, one year and over 190 posts later, I’m happy to say that I never (well…hardly ever) suffer writer’s block - how could I, when there’s always something happening in the library?

But writing my personal blog is different. I don’t have as many fresh ideas as I thought I might. Or if I do, I don’t like the way they sound, once I've made a first draft. Sometimes I’m not a very dedicated writer – and the proof is in the pathetic prose.

That’s why I’ll be attending Ten Habits of Successful Writers, with CPL’s new Writer in Residence, Gail Bowen.

All are welcome to join Gail on Monday November 1, as she gives tips and advice for successful writing strategies.

Register online, in the branch nearest you, or by calling (403)260-2600.


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