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Everyone can be his or her own press these days. Blogs make it incredibly easy to tell the world about your passions, your business, or the underwhelming fruit cup that came with your breakfast. Ranging from essential reading to utterly trivial, there are blogs for every kind of person, and for every interest.

The wonderful thing about blogs is that they can act as a hub from which to operate your business. They serve as repositories of your musings (or expert advice!) while they can also provide pictures, links, calendars, and your contact information. Include the url to your blog on your business card or link it to your Facebook profile!

There are tons of new books coming out about blogging. Whether you’re looking to establish yourself as an online expert, or you’re solely interested in making money, there are tons of creative ways to make it happen.

Check out our collection today! And while you're at it, check out some of our blogs!

Worth Your Salt - dedicated to food, recipes, tips, and cookbooks.

Eco-Action - read about Calgary Public Library's green initiatives.

Movie Maniacs - a blog for film buffs and all things cinematic.



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