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Religious Reads for February

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Whether or not you are a religious person, it’s important to have a basic understanding of world religions. I’m willing to bet that any newspaper on any day will have a story that relates in some way to religion, because while religion is a powerful motivator, it’s also a tremendous source of violence and tension. World religions influence politics and laws, and shape our identities. Billions of people around the world belong to one faith or another, so it’s imperative to learn why and what they believe.

Here are two new titles that immediately caught my eye:

The Jew is not My Enemy: Unveiling the Myths that Fuel Muslim Anti-Semitism, by Tarek Fatah

Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide, by Brett Mccracken

If you're interested in why people belive what they believe, then check out these new titles and hundreds of others, available at your local branch. If you're nearest branch doesn't have what you're looking for, remember that we're happy to deliver books to the branch of your choice, for free!

Negotiating Skills for Women

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When I was an undergraduate, I took a class about gender. We were shown a movie about the different ways that men and women interact in a business meeting, and it was clear that most of the nodding, and “um-hmming” was done by the women. We learned that physically and verbally, there are slight – but important – differences in the way that different genders communicate interest, give praise, and make suggestions.

If you are a woman who’s interested in improving your negotiation skills, then join us on February 3rd at the Central Library. Negotiation happens within the workplace, between spouses, and among families, so it’s a skill set that you’ll use in many facets of your life.

Bring your lunch and a couple of girlfriends!

Register online, or by calling 260-2600.

Women's Magazines!

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No, not just the kind that tell you how to lose weight, please a man, and make supper. We’ve got magazines for women of all stripes and persuasions!

Check out our collections! Your Central Library has Curve, Ms., Canadian Women’s Studies, Bust, and more! We’ve got magazines for radical feminists, lesbians, mothers, and women who might happen to be all three. I was browsing the 3rd floor (Central) collection recently, and so many magazines caught my eye. Check out some of these headlines:

  • 150 Most Desirable Queer Women
  • Work Out with Amy Sedaris
  • “Chick” Lit: 34 Books that Awaken Girls to their Feminism
  • Women Rebuilding Afghanistan
  • Hot Dame! Hanging out with Helen Mirren

Calgary Public Library subscribes to hundreds of magazines, and our collection reflects the huge variety of people who live in Calgary. Check out our e-library or your local branch today!

A is for A C Grayling

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I have my suspicions that philosopher A C Grayling must be either a fraud, or some sort of superhuman. How else could one man produce as many different works as he has?

A C Grayling is a prolific writer and thinker! In our catalogue, we have no fewer than 10 of his titles, and they range from introductions to logic, to examinations of the good life, to essays about religion.

I’ve heard him being interviewed on both CBC and BBC radio, and he’s erudite, articulate, and incredibly humble. What a combination!

Check out some of his works today!

His latest: To Set Prometheus Free: Essays on Religion, Reason and Humanity

Celebrate Black History Month

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Celebrate Black History month at the Calgary Public Library! Check out this link to see who’ll be performing at the Central Library on February 11th.

And then...

Use your library to find music (CDs and concert DVDs!) by black artists. We’ve got extensive collections of hip hop, soul, jazz, and more! Borrow books by famous black novelists, or read biographies about black activists, politicians, and athletes. Find out about issues that affect black people and black communities, by using our academic research databases. Did you know that the Calgary Public Library has magazines for and about black people and black interests? Check out Essence or Ebony, for example. Ask your librarian how to find these resources! We’re always happy to help!


Celebrate the Lunar New Year!

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Do you need another shot at your New Year’s resolutions? Celebrate the new year according to the lunar calendar!

Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world use the lunar calendar. People in the Middle East and in Asia have been using lunar calculations for thousands of years!

Celebrate the year of the rabbit by attending some of these free library programs:

Chinese New Year programs

Be sure to check out our collections, too! We've got cookbooks for a traditional New Year meal, and tons of materials about Chinese astrology, so you can learn more about what a rabbit year means for you. Why not borrow a book of Chinese folk tales, or instructions for making lanterns and other paper crafts? Get into the spirit!

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