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REAP the Rewards of Green Living!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

REAP is an acronym for Respect for Earth and All People. Each year REAP organizes a week of events dedicated to sustainability, and the Calgary Public Library (Calgary’s original recycler!) is thrilled to be able to host!

REAP Down to Earth Week is a celebration of sustainable living. The annual event showcases the best in local eating, investing, shopping, and playing. Join us at the Central Library and learn how your daily choices can create a more vibrant and resilient Calgary. Meet a number of people who can give suggestions and answer your questions.

All events at the Down to Earth Week are “bullfrogpowered” with 100% green electricity. How will that work? Well, Bullfrog Power will inject carbon-free green power onto the Alberta grid to match the amount of electricity used by the events. Even better, all of the electricity injected will be sourced exclusively from producers who meet or exceed the federal government's EcoLogoTM standard for renewable energy.

What’s in store this year? Check out these events:

Local Living Lectures take place daily from 12 – 1 PM, on Central Library’s 3rd floor.

Monday, March 28 – Investing locally and the trend toward community capital networks, by Michael Shuman – author of seven books including Going Local: Creating Self Reliant Communities in a Global Age and The Small-Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses are Beating the Global Competition.

Tuesday, March 29 – Shopping locally and the importance of independent business, by Bob Miller and Bernadette Geronazzo – advisor to all 10 Calgary Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs) and Executive Director of Marda Loop BRZ respectively.

Wednesday, March 30 – Eating locally and the role of the consumer, by Hugo Bonjean – author of In the Eyes of Anahita, Seeds of Germination or Termination, and the newly released book A People's Power.

Thursday, March 31 – Playing locally and the environmental, social and economic impact of FolkFest, by Talia Potter – Volunteer Coordinator for Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Friday, April 1 – Positive impacts of local living economies, by Stephanie Jackman – Founder & President of REAP Business Association.

Also, be sure to join us on Friday April 1st, for the grand finale: a Green Market on Friday April 1st, from 11 AM – 5 PM, Central Library’s main floor.

This will be your chance to meet some of the locally-owned, sustainably operated businesses (and products, services and organizations) that make Calgary unique. Displays will allow the opportunity to shop and interact with independent merchants that care about people and the planet as well as profits.

I’ve met several REAP members and I find them thoughtful and engaging. They truly care about sustainable business here in Calgary, and they’ll surely inspire you to investigate all the ways you can make your life - and commerce - greener!


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