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Royal Fever!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Have you caught the bug? I’ll admit that I have. Initially, I wasn’t interested in anything that transpires at Buckingham Palace, but now that William and Kate have wed, and her dress has finally been revealed to the world, I find that I’m getting swept up in the royal excitement. I even curtsied to my lunch date today!

If the “wedding of the century” has got you curious about the royal family and its history, then make a stop at your local library branch. We’ve got lots of books about British history and the monarchy. You can even use Encyclopedia Britannica (online) to gather information about who’s related to whom, and browse pictures of the crown jewels.

Whether or not you care about Kate’s dress, the fact is that today, we’ve had the opportunity to witness history. Find out more about it, and about everything else you’re into, here at the Calgary Public Library.


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