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Ask Us! The Statistics Act

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

A customer came to the third floor of the Central Library, looking for information about the Statistics Act. The Act itself is located in our Law Alcove, but the customer wanted to make sure that he had all the information he needed, given the amount of revisions that have been made, over the years. We’ve got print indexes to the Federal Acts that include amendments, and so consulted them, to find the information our customer was looking for. The act and its revisions are also indexed in the Canada Statute Citator.

Sure, we could have used CANLII or the Justice Laws website, but our customer was interested in print rather than online sources.

Sometimes it takes teamwork for us to provide a thorough answer to your question. But that's what we're here for!

Call us at (403) 260-2782, chat with us online, or visit Ask A Question.

Canada Day 2011!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I love Canada! People who are born here, I believe, have won some kind of cosmic lottery. We are extremely fortunate to live in a country that is (by and large) a free, safe and beautiful place.

Find out more about your home and native land!

Visit our e-library and choose “Canadian”. Then, check out the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, or the Canadian Encyclopedia. Use Canadian Newsstand to access hundreds of Canadian newspapers and magazines.

For those who aren’t Canadian just yet, we offer a citizenship preparations class. Check the program guide for more information!

If you’re in your local branch, then ask your librarian for assistance. We can recommend wonderful Canadian authors, and lead you to hundreds of resources by and about Canadians.

All Calgary Public Library branches will be closed on Friday July 1st, so go out and celebrate this great land!

On Leadership

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Toastmasters is a club wherein people hone their public speaking and leadership skills. We learn to plan effective meetings, give constructive evaluations and recognition awards, set and achieve annual goals, and more.

I was flattered (to say the least!) that my club elected me president for the next year. But, I have to admit that I’m also feeling a bit trepidacious. I want to contribute and lead, but I’ve never had experience in this field. I’ll have to find a mentor, make a strategy, and learn as I go.

Here are some titles about leadership. I think I’ll check them out:

  • Leadership Rules: How to Become the Leader you want to Be, by Chris Widener
  • Leadership the Hard Way: Why Leadership Can’t be Taught and how you Can Learn it Anyway, by Dov Frohman
  • The Intangibles of Leadership: The 10 Qualities of Superior Executive Performance, by Richard A. Davis

You don’t have to be part of an international organization to be a leader. Leadership can happen within a family, book club, or a volunteer group. Check out some of these titles and learn to apply leadership principles to any aspect of your life.

Living Library Volunteers Share their Stories

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

Living Book, My Life in Three Cultures, after presenting her story

to a 50+ Coffee and Conversation Club at the Village Square Library

Living Library Volunteers, share their life stories with the public at events, Living Book Clubs, and Living Library programs. If you are interested in sharing your story with others feel free to apply to volunteer today!

To learn more about attending a living library program search our Programs page for 'Living Library'.

Reading Advantage- Volunteer Today!

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

In Canada approximately 42% of adults have low literacy skills.

Reading Advantage is a literacy program which pairs volunteers and adults with low literacy skills, for a period of approximately one year. Volunteer coaches help participants develop basic reading and writing skills, experience the joys of reading, and pursue individual goals. A student-centred method is utilized to build upon each individual’s needs, strengths, learning styles and life experiences.

Help a person reach their full potential by volunteering for Reading Advantage!

We are currently looking for volunteers at Country Hills Library, Forest Lawn Library, Thorn Hill Library and Village Square Library.

If you are interested in volunteering for this program please contact Emily Robinson Leclair at 403-260-2729,

To learn more about this program click here.

"Friending" my Dad

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Something completely unexpected happened a while ago. A “friend request” appeared on my facebook page, from my father. Really?! My dad is on facebook?! I’ll have to rethink just how candid my online persona is going to be...

There are hundreds of millions of facebook users throughout the world, and facebook is only one of many social media tools. Find out more about them by joining us at our weekly TechKnow Tuesdays sessions. Every Tuesday at the Central Library, from 12:15 – 12:45, we provide brief overviews of these tools. Use them to find friends and likeminded individuals, or to play games, plan events, share news and photos, and lots more. The power of social media is now indisputable; children will grow up with these tools and never be able to imagine why, in days gone by, people would ever have limited themselves to a pathetic home phone. In fact, proficiency with these social media tools will soon become a necessity, and failure to use them (or at least understand how they are used) will be regarded as a type of illiteracy. So, drop in and learn more!

Today, June 21st, we’ll be featuring twitter. Check out some others, too:

Facebook, July 19

LinkedIn, August 2

Twitter, August 30

Click here for a complete list of our programs!

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