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The Look

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I just bought a new pair of glasses. I love the ones that I had previously (purple cat’s eye, with orange accents), but I decided that I wanted to update my look to something a bit edgier. I’ve still kept the cat’s eye shape, but now I’m rocking bright teal with purple-y silver flecked highlights. They’re wicked, if I do say so myself.

When I catch myself checking out other people’s glasses, I’m always drawn to ones that are large, bold, and in an offbeat colour. Folks who wear such glasses are, I think, to be commended for their confidence. After all, if you're going to wear glasses, then wear glasses! And now that I’m armed with new frames, I’m feeling more confident than usual. Which is probably why I picked up a book that might not ordinarily appeal to me:

Style Yourself: Inspired Advice from the World’s Top Fashion Bloggers

Style Yourself is full of information (you do know the difference between a loafer and a brogue, don’t you?) and inspiration about everything from clothing and shoes to accessories. Learn to make your outfits pop, by playing up the contrasts in the colour wheel, and find ideas for turning one simple item – like a scarf – into a multitasking garment. Best of all, Style Yourself’s contributors are some of the world’s most popular fashion bloggers. They’ve all got distinct views and styles, but what they share in common is a love of style, and a passion for uniqueness. My personal favourites are Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie and Funeka Ngwevela of Quirky Stylista.

Some of the looks are strange, to be sure. But my verdict is this: life’s too short not to pair zebra with tartan. Or tie-dye.

Pants on Fire!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

Recently, during a time of great turbulence and tumult, I found myself morphing into a liar. And a pretty deft one, at that. I lied to my ex about my new boyfriend, and I lied to my new boyfriend about my ex. I lied to my family about both of them, and I lied to myself about how long this house of cards could continue to stand. I lied to my friends, too, whether that meant strategically omitting details, or fabricating new ones.

When a friend’s simple observation (“It’s just easier to tell the truth”) finally sunk in, I began to unravel my knotted web, and to start acting with integrity and honesty. And I feel a whole lot better. But interestingly enough, I had dinner with that same ex last night, and he’s now lying to his current girlfriend about me! Where does it end?

The truth (I promise!) is that we lie for many different reasons. We lie to protect our or others’ feelings, to maintain an image or reputation, and because sometimes it’s the path of least resistance.

Looking for more about lies, lying, and liars? Here’s a list, to get you started:

Out of Character book coverOut of Character: Surprising Truths about the Liar, Cheat, Sinner (and Saint) Lurking in all of us, by David DeSteno

The Liar in your Life: the Way to Truthful Relationships, by Robert S. Feldman

How to Spot a Liar: Why People don't Tell the Truth... and How you Can Catch Them, by Gregory Hartley

When Your Lover is a Liar: Healing the Wounds of Deception and Betrayal, by Susan Forward

To be Perfectly Honest: One Man's Year of Living Almost Truthfully Could Change your Life - No Lie, by Phil Callaway

How volunteering impacts your life

by Christine P - 0 Comment(s)

Peter has been a volunteer with CPL since 2000 over the years he has worked in a variety of volunteer roles:

"I was taken aback at the variety of the programs that volunteers are involved in at the library. I had been a volunteer literacy tutor with Bow Valley College for 10 years, when I decided that the Reading Advantage programme, working out of the Village Square branch, would be much closer to where I live. (So that makes over 20 years being involved in adult literacy).

I find that I am most buoyed when I can see direct results from my volunteering. This certainly has been the case with the Reading Advantage programme, where I know the programme has made life-long differences in others' lives.

As well as having volunteered with the Reading Advantage programme, I've been a Proctor for those sitting distance learning exams. Currently I'm involved with the Art Walks and Homebound Readers programmes.

There's always something new to volunteer for at the library!"

Thank you Peter, for being interested in trying new things and finding new ways to help your community.

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