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Winter Wonderland

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Here are a handful of great library resources to enjoy over the holiday season:

  • Christmas music. Borrow CDs and make your own holiday playlist.
  • Cookbooks. Yeah, that little bag is supposed to come out before you cook the bird. And if “bird” is certainly not the word in your house, then check out titles about vegetarian and vegan holiday foods.
  • Programs. Holiday-themed storytimes, live music and more!
  • Decorating tips. We’ve got hundreds of magazines and thousands of books, dedicated to helping your home look its very best. From DIY wreaths to knitting your own stocking.
  • Presents. No, unfortunately we’re not giving them away. But, we’re suggesting that you get a library card for a friend or loved one. Give the gift of inspiration, entertainment and education, for only $12! (You weren’t really going to give her another boring pair of slippers, were you?)

Whatever you’re into, find it here at the Calgary Public Library. Happy Holidays!


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