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In the Mob

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Flash mobs: Individuals suddenly congregate to stage a protest, perform a dance routine, buy a certain type of product, or anything else, and then just as suddenly, they disperse and become individuals again. Flash mobs are difficult to control and nearly impossible to predict, but with the ubiquity of smart phones, they’re fairly easy to organize. Have you ever taken part in a flash mob?

CPL’s Youth Advisory Council is organizing a flash mob, and we want you to take part! You don’t have to be a youth, or flashy, or in the mob. You just have to be willing to come out and participate! Join us at 7 PM in the John Dutton theatre at the Central Library, on Monday March 26th, to help us plan the event.

And in the mean time, check out the facebook event listing.


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