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Are you there Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea, By Chelsea Handler

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve started reading this hilarious collection of episodes from the life of comedienne Chelsea Handler. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of her until I had to fly from Las Vegas to Calgary and found there was absolutely nothing to do except watch the E! Network. After that brief introduction, I decided I would check out some of her writing.

I have to say that Ms. Handler will never be able to take Tina Fey’s place in my heart (in my funny bone?). She’s just isn’t quite as razor sharp. But even so, this collection had me chuckling. Handler is quirky, self-effacing, and more than just a little bit rude, and no one is immune from her comic lens – including her family, friends, and ex-boyfriends.

What I most admire in Handler is her frank discussion of sex. She is very forthright about her sex life, and I like the fact that she doesn’t feel she has to apologize for being sexual – whether that’s with one partner or more. Handler is a woman who’s not afraid to eat bad food, drink too much, sleep with several partners, and throw a punch, if need be.

Check out Chelsea Handler’s writing today!


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