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Fresh! Deadly Debuts

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I enjoy reading suspense filled fiction full of unusual characters. The twists and turns of new offbeat novels by Jamie Mason and Gregory Gibson kept me engaged until the last page.

Cover Three Graves FullIn "Three Graves Full", the delicious debut by Jamie Mason, you'll find a skillfull page turning thiller replete with delightfully quirky characters including two savvy detectives, a nosey surviving girlfriend and one stupendously intelligent dog. When quiet and unassuming Jason Getty decides to hire landscapers to tame his front yard it isn't long until they discover two bodies buried there. And neither one is the body that Jason knows is buried in the backyard. Jason is now petrified that his dark secret will beCover Old Turk revealed and his world quickly unwinds as he desperately tries to stay ahead of the game.

If remarkable characters appeal to you, then try Gregory Gibson's soon to be released novel "The Old Turk's Load". Set against the backdrop of the 1967 Newark riots,the lives of the shady real estate developer Richard Mundi, crime lord Angelo DiNoto, his socially activist daughter Gloria, and drug ridden cancer survivor Mailman collide in a crime spree of heroin and stolen art. It's up to private investigator "Walkaway" Kelly to discover the truth behind Gloria's revolutionary activities, but he is soon distracted by what appears to be the murder of Gloria's mother. It all cumulates in an unforgettable showdown over the Old Turk's Load.

To find these and other great new books check out Calgary Public Library's catalogue.

Quick Tip: Did you know that you can put holds on books before Calgary Public Library has them in stock? As soon as the book is ordered we create a record for it. Once you see the record in our catalogue, go ahead and place your hold!


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