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Download Our New Early Literacy App!

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Grow A Reader app

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Acka backa soda cracker
Acka backa boo
Acka backa soda cracker
I love you!

Singing songs and reciting rhymes with your child is not only fun, it’s an excellent way to develop his or her early literacy skills.

If you're having trouble recalling songs or rhymes from your childhood, don’t worry — we have an app for that!

Grow A Reader is Calgary Public Library’s free early literacy app for iPads and iPhones. The app features videos of Calgary Public Library storytellers performing over 25 traditional songs and rhymes from our popular early literacy programs.

Use the app to learn the words, tunes and actions of fun songs and rhymes and then perform them with your child, as a way to develop a range of skills, from fine motor skills to language comprehension.

The Grow A Reader app includes tips for fostering early literacy and a list of our favourite board and picture books, focusing on five key early literacy practices: sing, talk, play, read and write.

Download the app today for free from the App Store!


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