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"Typical Pisces!"

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Recently, I had the chance to meet with an old friend. We were both mired in tumultuous strings of events, and so it was great to re-connect with someone who could really, truly understand me.

In trying to identify “where it all went wrong”, my friend was reflecting on his own tendency to be evasive, and sighed: “…typical Pisces”.

It’s endlessly fascinating to me that a tradition as ancient and esoteric as the Western zodiac still holds explanatory power for 21st century minds. I don’t often admit to my lifelong fascination with the zodiac, but among other “believers”, I can let loose and be the outspoken Sagittarian that I truly am. For some reason – superstitious or otherwise – it just feels right.

If you’re someone with whom the zodiac resonates, search our catalogue for “astrology”.

Also, do you read your daily horoscope? Why not “green” this habit, by reading it online? Starting from our homepage, click on e-library, and then Newspaper Direct Press Display. Look for the Calgary Herald under “Librarian’s Picks”.

The friend I mentioned is a Pisces in the extreme; he's sensitive, intuitive, and amazingly artistic. He and I share a wonderful connection, an enduring friendship and a ruling planet. Coincidence? I think not.


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