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Aboriginal Awareness Week

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

A good friend of mine is native, and sometimes blames his lack of punctuality on his “running on native time”. Even though this remark is just a joke, it’s an example of cultural difference. There are significant differences between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures, and as Canadians, it’s important that we recognize and celebrate those differences.

In fact, ask any Canadian – Aboriginal or not – about Aboriginal politics and you’re sure to get an impassioned response. Should Aboriginals receive funding from the government? If so, how much? What type of programs ought to be put in place on reserves, and who should administer them? What damage has the residential school system caused to Aboriginal communities, and if we can reconcile, what’s the best way?

Aboriginals have unique medicinal, spiritual and cultural beliefs and practices. Find out more about them during Aboriginal Awareness Week.

Visit your local branch for information about Aboriginals. We’ve got everything from government documents, to biographies, to information about Aboriginal beliefs, myths and stories. Also, join us for an introduction and explanation of human rights from an Aboriginal perspective, presented by the Native Counseling Services of Alberta.


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