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What is the Sound of a Billion Stomachs Rumbling?

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

This month, Muslims throughout the world will observe Ramadan. Through fasting, they will practice self control and learn sympathy for the hungry. Fasting is the fourth of five pillars, which every Muslim must satisfy. What are the others? Use the Calgary Public Library to find out!

Check out our collection, and browse for “Islam”, and “Muslim”. We’ve got books about the history and development of Islam, Islamic theology, Islam and women, Islam and the Western world, Islam and global politics, and so much more! My personal recommendation is anything by Karen Armstrong, one of the greatest living scholars of religion. Also, check out our DVDs! We’ve got documentaries about women and Islam, Islamic art, even children’s DVDs about the prophet Muhammad.

Use our e-library to find all sorts of information, including “Need to Know? Islam”, “Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World” and a full text version of Islam's sacred scripture, the Qur’an. Our databases provide you with access to academic journals; we’ve got thousands (!) of articles about Islam.

Read about Islam and you’ll read about struggles and battles, faith and community, and extraordinary artistic and mathematical achievement. Islam is a rich and dynamic tradition - learn more about it today!


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