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I wouldn’t wish Barack Obama’s fate on my worst enemy. The sheer enormity of pressure he must feel!

How does he choose what to tackle each day? What should be the priority among a failing domestic economy, ancient and modern feuds in the Middle East, environmental sustainability, and health care reforms?

Obama is a fascinating figure, and one about whom it seems there are endless articles being written. If you’re interested in newspaper and magazine coverage about Obama, read on:

To find Canadian articles about Obama, use the database Canadian Newsstand. Here you can find a variety of articles from newspapers and magazines, like the Calgary Herald, the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s and many more! Start from our e-library, and then click on Newspapers and Magazines. Select Canadian Newsstand, search “Obama”, and you’re off and running! If you wish to receive updates from a particular source, or updates about a particular subject, check out the RSS features within this database.

If you're near the Central library, why not browse the magazines on the 3rd floor? We have literally hundreds of magazines, and many of them - from Men's Health to Ms. have published articles about Obama.

Also, be sure to browse our catalogue for books by and about Obama.


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