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We Should Know Each Other!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I met Mark Hopkins at the Glenbow Museum a few months ago.

After a noon-hour talk about face-to-face meetings and what they can help us accomplish, the speaker asked whether the audience had any questions, comments, or general feedback.

Mark stood up and talked briefly about his “We Should Know Each Other” parties. They’re events that are open to anyone, hosted by Mark Hopkins himself, a self described community builder.

This Saturday, Mark will host his 50th such gathering. All are welcome, and you can expect to meet a huge array of Calgarians – activists, politicians, artists, and everyone else! It’s your chance to get out there, broaden your social circle, make new connections and flex the social muscles that wither with too much screen time.

Join the party and meet your newest friends! Check out the links for more information!

We Should Know Each Other (Facebook event)

We Should Know Each Other (article from FFWD)



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