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Getting Around Calgary by Bike

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

The wheels on the bus go round and round. The wheels on the bike do, too!

I participated in Calgary Public Library’s Living Library recently, and met a “book” who has lived in Calgary without an automobile for almost 10 years. Even more amazing: he lives that way by choice. His daily mode of transportation? His bike, of course!

Throughout European cities, you can spot women peddling to work in high heels. In Japan, it’s more common for someone to steal your umbrella than your bicycle. There are hundreds of millions of bicycles on this planet – when was the last time you rode yours?

Join us on Thursday June 3, for a free talk about biking in Calgary. Gary Beaton, bicycling advocate, explores the trials and the joys of bike commuting in a city that’s not recognized as being particularly bike-friendly.

Explore more! We’ve got lots of books about bicycle maintenance, city maps to help you plan your trip, and even cook books to help you plan your perfect post-peddling picnic.


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