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Fresh! Birds On Film

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birds of paradiseA National Geographic clip making the rounds on Youtube on the Birds-of-Paradise has a natural link to the Calgary Public Library's collection. "Beautifully bizarre" is an excellent description of the fabulous birds featured in the project by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Geographic. In the dense jungle of Papua New Guinea, Edwin Scholes and Tim Laman have captured crystal clear images and curious behaviours of spectacular and unique birds which have evolved to their specific enivronment.

Any curiosity piqued by the Youtube film clip can be fully indulged by visiting the Calgary Public Library's website and collections. The complete film, called "Winged Seduction: Birds-of-Paradise; Revealing the World's Most Extraordinary Birds" is available as a DVD in the library's collection. Bonus features include a photo gallery and some incredible footage of the Papua New Guinea expedition to film the birds.

An equally delightful discovery is the book Birds of Paradise about the same project featuring fabulous still photography of those amazing birds. So you can enjoy birds on film and in print! Birds of North America is still another great resource created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and available 24/7 when you sign in to Calgary Public Library's E-Library with your library card. With images, silhouettes, information and an especially handy audio gallery of bird calls, this is a great way to find out more about the birds just outside your window.

Fresh! Books for Sharing

by Betsy - 0 Comment(s)

Mustache BabyMustache BabyOne of the great pleasures of working at the Library is finding books that beg to be shared.

One such book coming out later this spring is a very funny picture book by Bridget Heos, called Mustache Baby. When Billy is born, his family notices something odd; he has a mustache. Will it be a good mustache, leading him to be good and true — like a cowboy, or a police officer, or will it be a bad-guy mustache, making him a pirate, or a cereal criminal? Only time will tell, but perhaps all of us have good and bad mustache days. Joy Ang's goofy illustrations add a lot to the text, making this a wonderful read aloud for older children as well, who will be able to appreciate the humour.

Nugget & FangNugget & Fang



Another funny picture book coming out this spring is the story of two unlikely BFFs in Tammi Sauer's Nugget & Fang: Friends Forever — or Snack Time? The idyllic friendship that a shark and a minnow have had is disrupted when the minnow goes to school and learns about food chains in reading group. How Fang proves to the minnows that he although he will always be "toothy" he is not just another shark is a winsome story of loyalty.


Exclamation MarkExclamation MarkOne last recent favorite is the newest offering from the team behind Wumbers: it's a word cr8ted with a number!, author Amy Krause Rosenthal & illustrator Tom Lichtenheld. This time around they present readers with Exclamation Mark, a story that uses punctuation to show that it is not only okay, but that it actually can be a good thing to be different from everyone else. This is a very clever book, as its illustrations allow for an amusing introduction of its point, in one case illustrating children as a group of periods in which the exclamation mark has never quite fit, until one day along comes a question mark, asking as many questions as children are often wont to do, and the exclamation mark finds his perfect role.

Fresh! Music Scores at the Library

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Best of Eric Clapton: a step-by-step break down of his playing techniqueAre you an amateur musician? Perhaps you've decided to learn to play the harmonica or the ukulele. Maybe you're looking for some fun sing-along music to play at the lake during that hot summer vacation. Calgary Public Library has a wonderful collection of music scores. Our score collection covers the full range of musical genres including folk, jazz, blues, classical and good old fashioned rock and roll.

We have a wide range of instructional scores including material for the very beginner, such as "Play Guitar in 10 Easy Lessions: a simple structured approach to learning guitar" or, for the musician wanting to advance their skills, scores such as "The Best of Eric Clapton: a step-by-step break down of his playing technique".

Campfire SongsWe also have a great selection of scores for your favorite musicals, movies and television programmes, including "Titanic: piano selections", "Anne of Green Gables: song album" or "More Songs From Glee".

Whether you're a pianist exploring the classical repertoire, or whether you're looking for music for your wedding or your favorite Disney songs to share with your child, whether you're a singer in a choir or just wanting to take a trip down memory lane with well loved rock songs there is a score for you at the Library. By far the most comprehensive music score collection is at the Central Library on the main floor.

As for the trip to the lake this summer, sitting by a fire on the beach roasting marshmallows, check out "Campfire Songs: lyrics and chords to more than 100 sing-along favorites."

2013 Volunteer Recognition Event

by Katie R - 0 Comment(s)

On April 19th we held our annual Volunteer Recognition Event - an evening meant to celebrate the amazing contribution Calgary Public Library volunteers make to library programs and in Calgary communities. Over 500 volunteers, guests and staff attended this year and enjoyed an awards ceremony and following reception with food, cake, and music.

Thanks to everyone that helped make it a fantastic night, and thanks to all Calgary Public Library volunteers!

Photos: John Dutton Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, Jane Baker (left); Professional Support Award Winners, Central Library's Career Coaching Strategic Networking team

Fresh! Canadian Award Winners

by Betsy - 0 Comment(s)

You Are StardustYou Are StardustPress releases with this year’s winners of the Canadian Library Association's children's book award-winners and honour books were released on April 15th. In all three cases the committees have chosen a book dealing with potentially weighty subjects, offering parents, teachers, and librarians opportunities not only for sharing and discussion with children, but also titles appropriate for inclusion in classrooms.

The 2013 Amelia Frances-Howard Gibbon award for illustration has been presented to first-time illustrator Soyeon Kim, for the illustrations in Elin Kelsey’s You Are Stardust. Kim’s process for this environmental picture book involved photographing three-dimensional dioramas, giving the double-sided spreads an extra richness. They complement the text by an award-winning environmentalist, which discusses how all of us are part of the natural world.

Reluctant JournalReluctant JournalThis year’s CLA Book of the Year for Children was awarded to Susin Nielsen’s The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen (who is only writing this because his therapist said he had to, which stinks.) Henry is certainly a reluctant hero; he is also smart and funny, which makes him an appealing protagonist from the very first page. By the time readers find out why his therapist assigned him to write in a journal about the tragic and life-changing incident that he calls “IT,” they will be unable to put down this book. That IT does deal with issues that have been in the news, including bullying, suicide, and school shootings, from the point of view of a survivor and in a manner that is neither condescending, nor didactic, nor preachy, should only make it a more relevant and important book for libraries, teachers, and parents to know about. This title is also available in Overdrive.

Book of Life by AngelBook of Life by Angel

High River’s Martine Leavitt is the winner of this year’s YA Book of the Year award for her verse novel My Book of Life By Angel. Sixteen-year-old Angel is living in downtown Vancouver when a shady character named Call starts giving her “candy” and turns her onto prostitution. Things go from bad to worse when Angel’s friend Serena is just one of the women who disappear from the area. Readers will be drawn into this book, that tells a haunting story about a difficult time in Vancouver’s history and a sad-but-true lifestyle.

All of the prizes will be awarded at the CLA Conference in Winnipeg at the end of May.

FRESH! Local Talent

by Stephen - 0 Comment(s)

The Calgary Public Library’s collection includes many books written by talented authors right here in Alberta. Here are two titles in our collection which I’ve recently enjoyed:

Bonfire: the Chestnut Gentleman

Bonfire: The Chestnut Gentleman by Susan Raby-Dunne

Told from the perspective of his horse Bonfire, this is the story of Canadian poet John McCrae’s experiences during World War I which ultimately led to the writing of the famous poem In Flanders Fields. Bonfire provides an accurate account of the conditions which faced both soldiers and the animals that served alongside them in the battlefields of Europe from 1914-1918. Amidst the chaos and destruction of the conflict an unbreakable friendship is formed between McCrae and his war horse which would last until the very end.

Great for those interested in history, horses or both, this well-researched offering from local author Raby-Dunne is well worth the read.

Rose’s Move by Graham McComiskey

Definitely one I’d pick for story-time with the kids, Rose’s Move tells the story of Rose, a flower who has grown too big for her bed and must make the transition to a new home. Told by McComiskey with charming style, Rose’s move is a great way to introduce young children to the concept of change and new experiences in their lives.

Complete with beautiful illustrations by Janice Blaine, (also local!) Rose’s Move is a wonderful choice to share with the whole family.

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