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Did You Hear that Noise?

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

In my mind, vehicles are investments that offer only diminishing returns. Sure, they make life convenient, but they are expensive to operate, insure, park, fill with gas, etc. Not to mention the fact that as soon as you drive off the lot, the car is worth thousands less than what you’ve just paid.

If you’ve got an old clunker, the federal government and even local dealerships may offer cash incentives to persuade you to switch to a newer model, and undoubtedly there are strong environmental reasons to trade in an inefficient car. But, if you decide to keep your aging vehicle, at some point you will likely need to repair it. If you’re handy, (or you operate under the bold delusion of handiness) then you’ll want to explore our electronic databases.

Starting from our e-library, select “Auto, Home and Consumer”. Here, you’ll find a list of databases including Alldata Online and Auto Repair Reference Centre.

These databases are not “exhaustive” (pardon the pun!), but they are very comprehensive. They include information on how to install and repair various parts, as well as electrical schematics and detailed diagrams.

The next time you find yourself wondering about that strange rattling, clicking, or blinking, why not try using these databases? Save time, save money, save your clunker!

Who's Who in the Old Testament?

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

The Old Testament is the book of the Western world, and no serious study of history, religion or literature could be complete without at least a cursory examination of this immensely important text. The Old Testament is so many things: obscure but imaginative, honest but challenging, and strange but all-too-human. There are so many interesting characters in the Old Testament; in terms of complexity, some of them rival even Shakespearean characters. If Adam and Eve are the only ones you’ve heard of, read on:

Who’s Who in the Old Testament is a comprehensive encyclopedia that you can access online, with your library card. Use it for your university research, your Bible study, as a promt for creative writing, or just for your own interest.

From our e-library, select Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. Next, select Credo Reference, and have your library card handy.

When CREDO opens, select “find a book” at the top left corner, and then scroll down to “Religion”. Here you’ll find Who’s Who in the Old Testament, and many others.

Print, save, e-mail, and even post to Facebook the articles that you find, and use auto-formatting features to complete your bibliography. Your library card allows you to access all sorts of academic information, from home. We make it easy; you don't need "the patience of Job" to do your research!

Consumer Reports

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Before you make your next big purchase, take the time to do some research. Is the product efficient and reasonably priced? Is it designed poorly or thoughtfully? Are there features that you didn’t know about? Above all, is the product safe for you and your family?

Make those determinations from the comfort of your own home! Your library card is your subscription to Consumer Reports magazine. In fact, you can read digitized full text articles all the way back to 1991!

Start from our e-library. Select “Research Databases from EBSCO” and be prepared to enter your library card number, and PIN.

When the EBSCO search screen opens, use the drop-down menu under the “Publications” tab, to find “MasterFILE Premiere”. There you’ll find an alphabetical listing of available publications.

Once you’ve located “Consumer Reports”, you have the option of either browsing or searching the magazine.

I did a search for slow cookers, before I invested in one. Needless to say, I’m satisfied with the product, and my chili is delicious!

If you need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask our staff! Drop in or call us – we can walk you through the process!

Mind Your Own Business!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I often fantasize that I am self-employed. In those fantasies, it isn’t clear how I actually earn a living, but I know that I sleep in, drink my mid-morning tea while checking e-mails, and spend the majority of the day in my housecoat. Food TV drones on in the background, and I have the liberty of stopping work if there’s a recipe that I simply must jot down.

In reality, people who are self-employed do not have the luxury of waking, dressing and working when they please. They have to be responsible, organized, motivated self-starters with well-managed schedules, and meticulous attention to detail.

If this description sounds like you, why not start the road to self employment at the Calgary Public Library?

  • Find books about starting any kind of business you could imagine, and detailed business plans for a huge variety of industries.
  • Use our business directories to find out if there are similar businesses in Calgary, and obtain their contact information.
  • Search through the last few years of Canadian newspapers (online!), to see if your industry has been in the news. Our digital indices make your search quick and efficient.

To get started, browse our catalogue. Find books and magazines about your business.

For information in electronic format, start from our homepage, click on e-library and then "Business, Business Directories and Investment".

Also, don’t be afraid to contact our Business, Sciences and Social Sciences department. Helping you find the right sources of information is our business!

For those who need more assistance, consider Research Plus, the fee-for-service division of the Calgary Public Library. Let us do the research for you!

Interested in free business programs? Check them out, and register here!

What is the Sound of a Billion Stomachs Rumbling?

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

This month, Muslims throughout the world will observe Ramadan. Through fasting, they will practice self control and learn sympathy for the hungry. Fasting is the fourth of five pillars, which every Muslim must satisfy. What are the others? Use the Calgary Public Library to find out!

Check out our collection, and browse for “Islam”, and “Muslim”. We’ve got books about the history and development of Islam, Islamic theology, Islam and women, Islam and the Western world, Islam and global politics, and so much more! My personal recommendation is anything by Karen Armstrong, one of the greatest living scholars of religion. Also, check out our DVDs! We’ve got documentaries about women and Islam, Islamic art, even children’s DVDs about the prophet Muhammad.

Use our e-library to find all sorts of information, including “Need to Know? Islam”, “Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World” and a full text version of Islam's sacred scripture, the Qur’an. Our databases provide you with access to academic journals; we’ve got thousands (!) of articles about Islam.

Read about Islam and you’ll read about struggles and battles, faith and community, and extraordinary artistic and mathematical achievement. Islam is a rich and dynamic tradition - learn more about it today!

Colour Me Inspired!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

These days, I’m seeing colour in new ways. I see the coolness of a deep red and the yellowish tinge in a bright green. I practice painting my own colour wheels, in hopes that I’ll soon be able to replicate with ease the shades that I see in the natural world. I’ve been inspired by my latest painting course!

I have taken several paingint courses at studios throughout the city, but, if you can’t attend classes (or, even if you can), make a trip to the library for some inspiration!

The Calgary Public Library has all kinds of resources to inspire you:

  • Art books – we’ve got everything from ancient Egyptian to the modern masters!
  • Special collections – these oversized books are as amazing and inspirational as they are rare!
  • Painting Classes – check out our program guide for information about our free classes!
  • E-library – access biographical information and critical essays, online!

If you need inspiration for your latest project, don't dilly "Dali" (I know, I know...). Stop by your local library today!

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