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Live near Country Hills?

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Volunteers are needed at our Country Hills Library for our ESL Conversation Club and TD Read With Me programs.

Help adult English learners practice their speaking skills and gain confidence through games, conversation starters, and group activities with the ESL Conversation Club


Help children improve their reading skills with our TD Read with Me Program.

Volunteers must be over 18, fluent in English, and able to make a one year commitment. To apply, please click here.

ESL Volunteers make a difference

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Here are the lovely Memorial Park ESL Conversation Club volunteers in action.

From left to right: Ida, Marianna, Sudha, Salik, and Glenn

Thank you for helping English learners improve their skills!

Forest Lawn's ESL Conversation Club

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Forest Lawn’s ESL Conversation Club has completed another successful run last month. Our great volunteers led an enthusiastic group of ESL students through the last eight weeks! The ESL Conversation Club wrapped up on December 8 with a fabulous potluck supper. Italian appetizers of Brushetta and Italian salamis and spicy Sicilian Olives whet their appetites. The students and their coaches both enjoyed homemade Chinese Pork dumplings, crispy Vietnamese Spring rolls and divine Sri Lankan Fried Rice with fresh ginger and cardamom, and other great rice and noodle dishes. Rich Canadian Chili added a local touch to the event. Our students had a great time both throughout the duration of the class and – if laughter and talk is any indication – the roundup was a huge success!

We're currently looking for ESL Conversation Club Volunteers at Central and Memorial Park Libraries for afternoons, and evenings at Saddletowne and Shaganappi Libraries.

Volunteering with English Learners

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

Ida has been volunteering with the ESL Conversation Club at the Library since Fall of 2008. Her background in adult education and ESL learners makes this opportunity perfect for her to use her skills.

This is what she has to say about volunteering with ESL learners in Calgary: “I enjoy the mixture of cultures and life experiences; learning the nuances of different languages; learning firsthand about various countries; “seeing” the world from their eyes to understand different perspectives and expand my world view; and being the teacher and student at the same time.”

Thank you Ida, for volunteering your time and efforts to help people practice English!

Volunteering in the ESL Conversation Club is rewarding

by Courtney Brinsmead - 0 Comment(s)

Mark volunteers for the Calgary Public Library’s ESL Conversation Club at Village Square Library. He has been dedicated to helping people improve their language skills there for over 5 years. Here’s what Mark has to say about his volunteer experience:

Volunteering in the ESL Conversation Club is rewarding. Not only do you learn about other people’s culture, but you also learn about the spirit of assisting new Canadians.

We have kept our member’s interest alive in the ESL Conversation Club by interacting with them on a personal level, making them feel welcome by holding potlucks and by utilizing library materials for them to take home, while at same time taking them outside their comfort zone and giving them an insight into Canadian culture.”

ESL Volunteers...

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

Angie Cormier is an incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated ESL volunteer in Calgary. Her volunteer work for the ESL Conversation Club at Louise Riley and Nose Hill Libraries over the past 7 years has helped hundreds of Calgarians improve their English skills. Angie fosters a culture of caring in the ESL Conversation Club which makes her participants feel at ease and ready to communicate. Angie truly believes in the library and has an intrinsic desire to make a difference in the lives of the participants. She has befriended participants, going so far as to open her home to a couple from Iran when their apartment fire left them homeless. In turn, Angie and her husband ended up travelling to Iran where they visited that very same couple’s family. Angie says of volunteering: “I am passionate both about the library and the settlement and integration of immigrants, so it is really my pleasure and honour to volunteer.”

Thank you Angie for your dedication and caring.

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