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Free Tai Chi!

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If you’ve never tried Tai Chi, then join us on September 20th, for a 90 minute introduction to this gentle practice, fostering natural good health and well being. Accredited instructors from the Taoist Tai Chi Society will lead the program.

Register for this free program and tons of others either online, in the branch nearest you, or by calling (403)260-2600.

And if you can’t attend the program, why not borrow a Tai Chi DVD from your local library branch?

What do Doulas Do?

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What’s a Doula and what does a Doula do? Find out on Saturday April 10th, at the Central Library.

Join Heather Crossan, Alberta Representative of DONA International, to learn about childbirth options, how to become a doula, and much more! A year ago, I didn’t know what a doula was, and now two of my close friends are well on their way to becoming certified. Find out more about this growing career field!

But…just because it’s a growing field, doesn’t mean it’s a new concept. Assisting in the birth of a child is a magical and profound experience. On a trip to Italy several years ago, I visited a necropolis – a “city of the dead”, as it were – and found that an overwhelming number of tombs were for midwives, and those who helped during childbirth. Indeed, assisting in the birthing of children was considered one of the most important professions to which a woman could dedicate herself. If I may say so, I think the same still holds.

To register for this free program and many others, call 260-2600, drop by your local library branch, or click here.

On Diabetes

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A recent CBC news article caught my attention, because of this staggering, sobering statistic: every hour, for the forseeable future, 20 people will be diagnosed with diabetes.

Whether you’re concerned about preventing or managing diabetes, check out the Calgary Public Library’s collections – both print and digital. Our cookery section has a huge range of books; our health and wellness section has information about the body, fitness, medications, and treatments. From home, access our e-library for a huge range of articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and authoritative medical journals.

Your doctor is not your only source of information! Empower yourself by making a trip to your local library!

Mind, Body, Spirit Weekend

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In the Western world, humans are typically thought of as being tripartite – having discrete minds, bodies and spirits. Many spiritual and even philosophical traditions regard humans in this way. Here at the Central library, we’re celebrating wellness with an entire weekend dedicated to programs for your mind, body and spirit.

Join us on March 6th and 7th, for programs about yoga, birth, reiki, meditation, Buddhism and much more! Last year these programs were very popular, so register today! For more information, see our program guide.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

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There are two practicing dieticians in my family. Over the years, they’ve seen every diet plan under the sun, and eschewed them all. Instead, they recommend a common sense approach to eating and exercising. Calories in and calories out. Everything in moderation, and nothing off-limits.

I thought of those relatives when I came across The Mayo Clinic Diet on our shelf of new books.

If you’re looking for simple, straightforward advice to help you feel better and lose weight, then check out this book. There are no gimmicks; the advice is sound and practical.

The idea is this: by breaking 5 bad habits and establishing 5 good ones, you’re bound to feel better and lose weight.

If you’ve resolved to be healthier in 2010, then pick up The Mayo Clinic Diet today!

Food is Life!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

When I’m feeling particularly low, I like to treat myself with a little pick-me-up. Typically, that’s cheesecake. Conversely, when I’m celebrating, I like to indulge in…cheesecake. Of course, if it’s unavailable, I’ll settle for a glass of red wine, a big plate of pasta, or applewood smoked cheddar cheese. Food comforts when I’m upset, and celebrates right along with me, in the good times.

Much more importantly, food is medicine. Simply adding more of one kind of food, or omitting another, is often enough to eradicate bothersome health issues – everything from acne and headaches to irritable bowels!

If you love food, and want to learn more about how it relates to your mood, your health, your budget and your body, then join us on October 2 and 3 for a series of programs, aptly named Food is Life.

There will be a huge range of programs, so whether you’re curious about growing your own vegetables, or wondering what to feed your picky eaters, there’ll be something for you.

For more information, please see the following:

Food is Life

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