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2013 Volunteer Recognition Event

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On April 19th we held our annual Volunteer Recognition Event - an evening meant to celebrate the amazing contribution Calgary Public Library volunteers make to library programs and in Calgary communities. Over 500 volunteers, guests and staff attended this year and enjoyed an awards ceremony and following reception with food, cake, and music.

Thanks to everyone that helped make it a fantastic night, and thanks to all Calgary Public Library volunteers!

Photos: John Dutton Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, Jane Baker (left); Professional Support Award Winners, Central Library's Career Coaching Strategic Networking team

Volunteer Celebration Videos

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On April 8th, 2011 the Calgary Public Library held an annual Volunteer Recognition Event to celebrate the contributions of our wonderful Library Volunteers.  Below are a few clips of our event for your enjoyment.


Alisha Kurji speaking on behalf of our youth volunteers:

Mika, Maddie and Laurie Jarratt, volunteers in the Story Pals program:


Arlie Ring, John Dutton Volunteer of the Year Award Winner:



We hope you enjoyed our videos!

Volunteer Recognition Event, April 8, 2011

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Top Row, From Left to Right: Ellen Humphries Deputy CEO of the Calgary Public Library, Deirdre Harris Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee of the Calgary Public Library Board, Peter Li, Chithra Sekar, Sylvia Moore, Dhruhi Shah, Clara Wylie, Lidia Bomba-Sorbo, Arlie Ring, Clara Galvan and Gerry Meek CEO of the Calgary Public Library.

Bottom Row, From Left to Right: Chaitanya Gandhi, Alfredo Albornoz, Arturo Gutierrez, Phil Cresswell.

Congratulations to all the Library Volunteer Award Winners

Library Volunteer Award Winners

Career Coaching - Lidia Bomba-Sorbo

Computer Buddies – Chaitanya Gandhi

Computer Technology – Chithra Sekar

CyberSeniors Connect – Dhruhi Shah

ESL Conversation Club – Elizabeth Smith

ESL Teen Talk – Peter Li

Homebound Readers – Mary James

Homework Help – Anitra Halliday

Living Library – TD Sparks

Libraries in Residence – Clara Wylie

TD Read With Me – Nicole Kiefuik

Reading Advantage – Shelley Fisher

Reading Buddies – Krishnan Hariharan

Spanish Conversation Club – Alfredo Albornoz, Arturo Gutierrez & Clara Galvan

Family Award - Sylvia Moore and Phil Cresswell

Story Pals-Lori, Mika, Maddie Jarratt

John Dutton Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

Arlie Ring

We had over 550 staff, volunteers, family, and friends celebrate our volunteers on April 8th, 2010 in the John Dutton Theatre at the Central Library.

Our volunteering dogs stole the hearts of our attendees with their story of volunteerism in the Story Pals program. Story Pals is a program offered in collaboration from the Calgary Public Library and the Pet Access League Society (PALS) which gives children struggling with reading a chance to practice reading out loud to a canine companion in the library.

Thank you to all Library Volunteers!

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April 10th to 16th is National Volunteer Week!

Volunteers: Passion, Action, Impact

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, the Calgary Public Library would like to thank the volunteers who donate their time to make Calgary a better place. Volunteers are one of the library’s largest assets and not only do they help make our programs successful, they contribute to the vibrancy of our communities and the city at large.

Every day our 1,800 volunteers help improve the lives of Calgarians through language, technology and literacy, and we are so grateful for their efforts.

A special thank you to those who attended the Volunteer Recognition Event on April 8th at the Central Library.

Volunteer Recognition Event April 23, 2010

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Congratulations to our Volunteer Award Winners for 2010:

25 Years of Service- Robert High

Career Coaching- Janeen Scott

Computer Buddies- Julia Schade

Computer Technology- Liela Chan and Peggy Jubien

ESL Conversation Club- Barry Simpkins

Homebound Readers- Carol Sinclair

Homework Help- Kim Koch

Libraries in Residence- Nellie Wojtaszek

TD Read With Me- Joan Buhr

Reading Advantage-Fiona Pinnel

Reading Buddies- Charanpreet Gill

Spanish Conversation Club-William Jiménez

Family Award- Carlos Vidal Wu and Susana Lui Colan

John Dutton Volunteer of the Year:

Gloria Rasmussen

Gerry Meek, CEO of Calgary Public Library, with Gloria Rasmussen and Jamie Niessen, Chair of the Calgary Public Library Board.

Volunteer Recognition Event 2009

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This year, the annual Volunteer Recognition Event paid tribute to 35 years of both volunteering at CPL and the Homebound Readers program.

The Central library hosted over 400 guests (a record turnout) – representing the diverse volunteer landscape which CPL is so fortunate to possess. Smiles, stories, and general camaraderie abounded over music, food, and champagne.

A number of inspiring stories were shared. One particular participant, Terri of the Homebound Readers program, shared the positive impact of the program on her life after losing her sight to diabetes.

Most importantly, we would like to thank all our volunteers – you more than anyone continue to strengthen and enrich the Calgary Public Library within the community.

Library Volunteer Awards

Homebound Readers – Iris Hillenbrand

Homework Help – Ann Ghosh

Libraries in Residence – Jane Forsyth

TD Read with Me – Cesar Martin

Reading Advantage – Danielle Derosier

Reading Buddies – Kate Hanna

Spanish Conversation Club – Teresa Parra

Career Coaching – Lise Dugas

Computer Buddies – Annie Ran

Computer Technology – Susan Bolton

ESL Conversation Club – Marlene Nelson

Conversation for ESL Teens – Ali and Sunaira Tejpar