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Calgary, the Cultural Capital?

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

I was recently asked to write a blog post about Calgary’s bid to be the 2012 cultural capital of Canada.

Wait. Calgary? The cultural capital of Canada?! What about our big three – Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver?

There are plenty of reasons why Calgary is poised to become Canada’s cultural capital – and why 2012 is the perfect year for us to make a bid. Let me share a few that excite me.

Firstly, there will be several Centennial celebrations in 2012. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that 2012 will be the Centennial year of the Calgary Public Library! It’s only 2010 and already we’re planning exciting events to get the whole city celebrating. The Calgary Stampede will also celebrate its Centennial in 2012. The Stampede is unarguably the biggest party of the year, and its hundredth anniversary is sure to draw both locals, and visitors from all over the world!

Calgary has a young, well educated populous. It’s also experiencing growth because of the many newcomers who choose to “put down roots” here. This combination of higher education and cultural diversity is sure to foment culture! And with a civic election looming, we can vote for the candidates who are just as enthusiastic about arts and culture as we are!

I’m excited to shake off our “cowboy” reputation and show Canada (and the world!) that Calgary is a hotbed of intellectual pursuit, artistic accomplishment, and all-things-cultural.

Bring on the food, dance, theatre, performance, music, lectures, exhibits, festivals, costumes and gatherings!

For more information, please visit


Fernando Botero at the Glenbow Museum

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

This weekend, visit the Glenbow Museum for the launch of its Fernando Botero exhibit. This event is pay-what-you-can, and is a great opportunity to enjoy the exhibition on a night with music, performance, refreshments, and festivity.

September is Arts and Culture Month, so if you’re looking for information about events throughout the city, then contact our Arts & Recreation department. Also, check out some of the arts events happening at your local library branch!

Fernando Botero Launch Party

Arts and Culture Month at your library


Sound Off!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

“Artists shouldn’t receive any money from the government – especially if what they produce is offensive”.

“If museums are serious about being places for culture to thrive and grow, then they shouldn’t charge for admission”.

“When I look at modern art, I can’t help but think that my kids could produce something just as good”.

“Where is Calgary’s art scene?!”

Do you have something to say about the arts? Get off of your soapbox and onto ours!

That’s right! For one night only, the Central Library will be turned into an artist free-for-all! Join Kris Demeanor, David Swann, Will Ferguson and many others for an evening of music, art, and inspiration.

Join us on September 18th, to meet and mingle, rant and rave! We supply the soapbox, you supply your views. Go ahead – get “lathered up” about the arts, and let your voice be heard!

Soyez Inspire!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Make your way to the Glenbow museum on the evening of May 15th for the opening of some very interesting new exhibits. How else will you get the chance to hang out with local musician Kris Demeanor, see gorgeous works by both impressionists and modernists, and drink on site?!

The jazz inspired event is pay-what-you-can, so take advantage!

For more information, visit the Glenbow Museum’s website.

If you’re interested in art and music, then be sure to check out our collection, too! Borrow 99 items at a time! That’s a whole lot of inspiration!


Be here April 17th!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

April 17th will be a big day at the Central Library! Not only will we host a free(!) tax clinic, but we’ll also host Ecopalooza, a one-day festival of all things green. Join us for a full day of eco workshops, art and poetry contests, a fashion show, a movie, and a speech by CBC’s Bob McDonald. All things green, and help with your taxes, too! Who could ask for more?

Mark your calendars and click here for more information about the day’s events.

Countdown to Ecopalooza!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Join us at the Central library on Saturday April 17th, for a festival of all things green. We’ll have retailers, businesses and non-profits. We’ll have artists, poets, and green “improv”! We’ll have an art show (with cash prizes) and a keynote speaker – CBC’s Bob McDonald. If it’s green, it’ll be at Ecopalooza! Join free programs and workshops throughout the day and be inspired by local groups and organizations, making a difference here in Calgary.

For more information about Ecopalooza, check out our event on Facebook.

Or, contact Katherine Anderson or Patrick Mealey, for more information. (403) 260-2782 (403) 221-2091

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